Web3 Marketing/Media/Community Roles - April 2022

Yesterday I sent out a tweet asking if anyone is hiring for certain non-technical roles in Web3, and I got an overwhelming number of responses in the comments and messages in my DMs.

To make it easier for job-seekers to find what they’re looking for, I sorted through the comments and DMs and compiled a list of job openings by function.

Before we get into that, I wanted to highlight a few observations I made from all the messages I received over the last 24 hours and from my past experiences looking for and hiring for various marketing and media roles.

Observations on hiring in web3

Hiring is like dating. Two strangers meet to explore whether they want to be in a relationship together. When both parties feel the same way about wanting to be in a relationship with each other, we call it a success.

A job interview is an opportunity for the employer to learn more about the candidate in order to assess whether the candidate might be a good fit for the role. It’s also an opportunity for the candidate to learn more about the employer to assess whether this is a company where they would like to work.

The reason I’m highlighting this is because I received a significant number of comments and DMs in response to my tweet yesterday that make me think many employers have forgotten or don’t realize that hiring is a two-way street. I’ve noticed that many employers seem to think they’re the 6’4” perfectly tanned and chiseled athletic 4.0 GPA Ivy-league graduate that everyone wants to date, when in fact most employers more closely resemble a 5’7” average looking 3.0 GPA from an average school kind of guy.

With that in mind, here are five questions that I think are useful and important for employers and candidates to ask one another during the interview process:

  • Employers
    • What are a few of your core beliefs/values?
    • Describe how you see yourself contributing in this role
    • What gaps do we currently have that you could help fill?
    • Where would you need support in your role?
    • If you end up leaving the company down the line, why would that be?
  • Candidates
    • What are your company values?
    • How are decisions made here?
    • What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing as a company now, and what are you doing to solve for it?
    • What does the typical work week look like?
    • Who else from the team should I chat with to better understand the role and company?

Marketing/Media/Community Job Openings in Web3 - April 2022

Here are some web3 companies hiring right now, compiled from the comments and DMs I received in response to the tweet posted at the top and organized by role.

Marketing - General

Product Marketing

Social Media





Event Planning

Please let me know if you found this to be helpful by collecting this post, sharing it on social, or tweeting @ddwchen. I would love to continue publishing curated job boards like this in the future if you found this to be useful.

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